Hello, World!

If you’re just discovering this blog for the first time, or you’re a regular reader wondering about the constant “branding” changes, well I suppose I’ll just say that it’s been an interesting couple of years for me. I’ve come a long way, baby.. If you’re here for my previous topics, don’t fret. Check the links on my “About” page and you’ll see I am still interested in lots of subjects, and creating content on them. I still love the “mysterious and spooky”.

Oyster Whisperer is my way of focusing on my food and beverage writing, with some humor and memoirs of the industry to boot. I’ll also be documenting my journey from bartender to shellfish entrepreneur here in Palm Springs, and my travels in search of the best experiences on the half-shell. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride, and if you’re new here, welcome!


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